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Modules / Sections accessible under Free Trial Access

This page lists out the modules / sections that you can access after your register and login as a member of our site. Basic Registration is 100% free and instant. Click Here to Register Online and enjoy the benefits of our popular site. Here is the list of all the sections / modules that are accessible on our site for you to enjoy after you register as Free Trial Access member. All sections / module entries in blue are shown to you and all entries in red if any are not shown to you under your current membership plan.

    Group: My Home
  • My Fun Facts
  • My Astro History
  • My Favourite Pages
  • My Reminder Planner

    Group: My Horoscope
  • Table of Contents
  • General Character
  • My Moon Rashi Prediction Link
  • My Moon Rashi Nakshatra Name Link
  • Our Numerologist Speaks
  • Karka Positions
  • Nirayan Planetary Positions
  • Lagna Rashi Navamsha Charts
  • Bhava Sripati Chart
  • Vimsottari Maha and Antar Dasha (Level 1 and 2)
  • Vimsottari Dasha (Level 3 and 4) Navigator
  • Vimsottari Dasha Predictions
  • Vimsottari Dasha Past & Near Future Predictions
  • Vimsottari Dasha Predictions Analysis
  • Shodasha Varga Charts
  • Tajika Varga Charts
  • Astaka Varga Table
  • Today's Birth Star
  • Dosha's and Yoga's
  • Dosha's and Yoga's Analysis
  • Overall Lifetime General Moon Rashi Prediction
  • Lifetime Prediction as per Nakshatra Lord
  • Lifetime Prediction as per Position of Lords
  • Lifetime Prediction as per Birth Planet Position
  • Current Year Varsh Phal Prediction
  • Yearly Varsh Phal Past & Near Future Prediction
  • Today's Limited Five Point Daily Prediction
  • Three Days Enhanced Daily Prediction
  • Moon Rashi Nakshatra Name
  • Interactive Flash Horoscope Charts
  • Astrology Glossary
  • HTML Print Version

    Group: Lost and Found
  • Lost and Found Prediction System

    Group: Future 90 Days
  • Essence of Time Prediction System

    Group: Question & Answer
  • Questions and Answers Prediction System

    Group: Horoscope Matching
  • Introduction
  • Nirayan Planetary Position
  • Lagna / Ascendent Birth Chart
  • Askoot Guna Table
  • Askoot Guna Analysis
  • Mangal Dosha Effect
  • Mangal Cancellation Analysis
  • Mangal Dosha Compatibility Analysis
  • Various Affecting Dosha Information
  • Various Affecting Dosha Analysis
  • Couple Compatibility Analysis
  • Askoot Points Significance
  • Askoot Points Effect Analysis
  • Final Results Analysis
  • Interactive Flash Horoscope Charts
  • HTML Print Version

    Group: Best Match Makers
  • Best Match Table

    Group: Planetary Influence
  • Planetary Influence Prediction System

    Group: Dreams Interpretation
  • Dreams Interpretation Prediction System

    Group: Rashi Character
  • Rashi Behaviour
  • Favourable and Adverse Years

    Group: How to Influence Planets
  • Table of Contents
  • Limited - Five Points
  • Detailed - Seven or Higher Points

    Group: Natural Herbal Tips
  • Herbal Home Remedy

    Group: Herbal Cure
  • Herbal Cure
  • Glossary

    Group: Mantra Cure
  • Mantra Cure
  • How to Chant

    Group: Know your Deity
  • Deity Info and Download

    Group: Know your Festivals
  • Festival Info

    Group: Gemstones
  • General Introduction
  • General Character
  • Good Qualities
  • Flaws to Avoid
  • How to Identify
  • How to Wear
  • Related Mantra
  • Source of Origin

    Group: Know your Planets
  • Limited - Three Points
  • Detailed - Five or Higher Points

    Group: Panchang Hindu Calender
  • Daily Panchang
  • Near Past and Near Future Months
  • Chogadia at a Glance
  • Detailed Panchang of the Day

    Group: Indian Prayer
  • Prayer Aarti Sangraha

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