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Browse Ancient Herbal Cure Therapy Knowledge Database by Cure
Herb Cure NameView
Loss of TasteView Herbal Cure
MadnessView Herbal Cure
Menstrual TroublesView Herbal Cure
MigraneView Herbal Cure
Mouth diseasesView Herbal Cure
MucuousView Herbal Cure
Nose BleedingView Herbal Cure
ObesityView Herbal Cure
Pain in BonesView Herbal Cure
Pain in RibsView Herbal Cure
Pain of Moral ToothView Herbal Cure
Pains of Genital OrgansView Herbal Cure
ParalysisView Herbal Cure
PilesView Herbal Cure
Pleasurable Delivery in WomenView Herbal Cure
PoisonView Herbal Cure
Poison of RatsView Herbal Cure
Poison of Snake, Spider, and RatsView Herbal Cure
Poor ComplexionView Herbal Cure
Poor Glory of bodyView Herbal Cure
Poor IntelligenceView Herbal Cure
Poor MemoryView Herbal Cure
Prolepses of the AnusView Herbal Cure
Sperms DiseasesView Herbal Cure
Spots on the skinView Herbal Cure
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Herb Cure

Example: Worms in Stomach, Piles, Vomiting, Diabetes, Epilepsy

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