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Herb English / Hindi NameView
MansrohiniView Herbal Cure
Masoor Majeeth AadiView Herbal Cure
Mattha and MoongView Herbal Cure
MedaView Herbal Cure
MenphalView Herbal Cure
MethiView Herbal Cure
Mimosa Pudica / Lajwanti Ka SharbatView Herbal Cure
Mimosa Pudica / LajwantiView Herbal Cure
MudraparniView Herbal Cure
MulehthiView Herbal Cure
Nagbala /Gangson / Nagbala / GangsonView Herbal Cure
NalView Herbal Cure
NeemView Herbal Cure
Nimas / PatlaView Herbal Cure
NirgundiView Herbal Cure
Niyella daliva / Kulanjan / KulinjanView Herbal Cure
Niyella daliva / Sthool Granthi KulinjanView Herbal Cure
Oldenlandai Bifora / PittapapadaView Herbal Cure
Oleander / KanerView Herbal Cure
Palma Christi / ArandView Herbal Cure
PanView Herbal Cure
PanchkolView Herbal Cure
Panchkol and AdarakhView Herbal Cure
PanchlokadiView Herbal Cure
PanchmoolView Herbal Cure
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