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What is Know your Questions

This system of predictive astrology will help you to understand in a tangible and easily understandable way, the problems that you are facing and the crisis that is either affecting you presently or just about to happen to you.

  • This advanced and most sophisticated system of astrology has been devised after a long era of research in the quest for answers by our Guruji. Now the same has been transformed and converted into a complex formulae and a completely automated system online for the easy access and reach of the users all around the world.

  • Please note, this is a capsule of general interpretation of the state of your mind based on the current time, your choice and our complex randomization of planetary activities. This system of prediction is tuned to highlight your anxiety for the current moment. These are designed to be a guide for you to help decide the future course of happenings to you. If you are a registered member & currently logged in, press the NEXT STEP link above.

  • How does it Help you?

    • Will you not be surprised if we can predict & read your present state of mind?

    • Can you believe that using a sophisticated method we can read your mind without even seeing you?

    • This system of predictive astrology is the first of its kind, never ever seen or heard of anytime before anywhere in the world!

    • And if predicting the questions was not sufficient, we also provide you with the answers to the questions puzzling your mind.

    • Welcome to Know your Questions - an exclusive feature.

    How to use Know your Questions?

    • This system of prediction is only accessible to the registered members of this site and uses your DoB (Date of Birth) to arrive at the final solution.

    • It is very easy to see the questions you are pre-occupied with. It involves just two steps to arrive at the solutions.

    • STEP 1: Select a Preferred Number between 1 & 365.

    • STEP 2: Select a Preferred House of your Choice.

    • And our system will give you the result in a few seconds processing the complicated method of deriving the final answer.

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